Tsakli cards and small thankgas

tibetan buddhist initiation, empowerments, meditation

Liberation on Seeing


Over many years tsakli sets (some monastery teaching sets were huge,

others series were originally quite short) have been broken up or lost.

Tsakli.org tries to reunite sets that have been split up, as well as 

preserving individual paintings. Some very old cards are worn or damaged

and we digitally restore these - purchasing art prints or posters in

our shop or eBay page will help us continue to research and preserve

this ancient sacred artform .Tsakli predate western tarot, originating 

C12th to C14th, although as types of emblemata they share characteristics

and many magickal correspondences..


Liberation is possible just by looking at an image of the Buddha, called in

Tibetan ‘mthong sgrol’ «Liberation [through mere] seeing». Buddhist art

is able to transmit blessings, or the inspiration of great masters. “. . .

if you have the inner experience of what the image symbolizes, every time

you see a Mahayana painting, a deep positive imprint is placed upon your

mind, and you receive transcendental wisdom. In fact, these paintings

are talking to you, beyond words." Lama Yeshe