Liberation is possible just by looking at an image of the Buddha, called in Tibetan ‘mthong sgrol’ «Liberation [through mere] seeing».  Buddhist art is able to transmit blessings, or the inspiration of great masters.  “. . . if you have the inner experience of what the image symbolizes, every time you see a Mahayana painting, a deep positive imprint is placed upon your mind, and you receive transcendental wisdom.  In fact, these paintings are talking to you, beyond words.”  Lama Yeshe


ancient Himalayan tantric ‘tarot’ cards for Initiations, many Ritual purposes.  Meditation, Divination & Enlightenment TSAKLI.ORG - tantric buddhist tsakli cards & miniature thangkas - PRESERVATION and RESEARCH



high and higher magick  effortless tsakli gazing Liberation on Seeing
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